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Czechoslovak historical magazines, Pestry tyden, The Varied week  Czechoslovak historical magazines, Eva

All of them are my favourite „newspapers“. About my relationship to the times of these journals I wrote in „Period clothing“, so I will not repeat myself. I would only mention, that thanks to reading those journals I have better overview of social and political life at that time than nowadays. Honestly, I like reading them rather than present newspapers. Smile rising is e. g. Prazsky illustrovany zpravodaj (Prague illustrated reporter), which is known as the first yellow press. In comparison with it are The Times a tasteless sheet. In short, immersed in reading, I am leaving today’s world beyond my comprehension, and I drift away into my beloved era. Sometimes I read an interesting ad and I wanted immediately call there. Then I'm annoyed when I realize that this phone number does not exist for sixty years!

Intermezzo: Drama on Moldau
(Sorry, only in Czech available - From a „period“ yellow press)

Czechoslovak historical magazines, Salon  Czechoslovak historical magazines, List pani a divek, Leaf of ladies and girls

Writing these lines, three volumes of Letem svetem (Around the World) are lying in the front of me, recently rescued. Originally it was the complete interwar set, but than in one unnamed cottage a paper on firing was needed into the stove! Oh yeah...

Czechoslovak historical magazines, Prazský illustrovany zpravodaj, Prague Ilustrated reporter  Czechoslovak historical magazines, Gentleman

7th October 2008: I have to publicly boast about. I have succeeded in what I have not even dared hope. This time fortune was exceptionally gracious and indulged me get a set of all Pestry tyden (Varied week), in uniform binding and an excellent condition. Volumes 1927 - 1939, i. e. the whole period of the First Republic of Czechoslovakia. It only remains to find unobtainable zero volume (1926) and I can die in peace.

Czechoslovak historical magazines, Pestry tyden, Varied week 1927 - 1939

The end of the good old days? Really not! With magazine Eva you can transfer into them as well as Ms. Veronika.