Ducati Scrambler 250

alias „Cordula“

Ducati Scrambler 250

In the Czech Republic in recent years become more common rather degenerate fashion of communist clunkers. I managed to avoid these eccentric excesses so far. But, as a popular proverb says: „Never Say Never“. Now it was my turn. But such a fool, so I bring a Jawa home again, I am not. I have travelled with it thousands of miles and swore that never again! Therefore, the end of May 2008 in my garage a similar motorcycle from this era has appeared, but Italian one and with pedigree.

Ducati Scrambler 250  Ducati Scrambler 250

Why did it actually happen? Well, I've always had enough sense not to combine a modern motorcycle with an oldtimer. A hybrid arises from it, which ultimately is really neither one nor the other. But physically I somehow began to deteriorate faster than desirable, and the last bike, Honda CB 750, I have sold and acquired money I rather invested in the reconstruction of my flat.

If you are a true biker, you cannot just stop riding. I endured two years. Over the winter, I was able to manage going „cold turkey“, but hardly first spring sunshine appeared, suddenly I had a feeling, that everybody around rides a bike, including pensioners and babies.

Ducati Scrambler 250 engine  Ducati Scrambler 250 engine

In early 2008 I got some unexpected remuneration at my work. Because I do not like money, I always try to get rid of them immediately. There was no doubt what to do with them: buy the motorbike. It was not enough to get a new one, and also times when I sat down on the machine in the morning and went back in the evening with six hundred kilometres on the tachometer belong to memories forever. For my riding „around the chimney“ would be good enough some little „classic“. But of course, a noble one, any mistake of a planned (no) economy.

Ducati Scrambler 250

Two brands logically came on force - Sarolea a Ducati. After several embarrassing experience with the Belgian ebay, I being disgusted paid attention to the Italian and German. (Sorry, but I have just the worst experiences with www.ebay.be. I fear that the leadership EU rather obscure brain to Belgians!) After all, there is Sarolea in the garage, but Cucciolo is missing. Back to the roots! A small „puppy“ would have been for me weak, but slightly larger Ducati certainly come in handy. After three months of careful watching ebay and several unsuccessful bids I could finally enjoy the mail starting with „Congratulations, the item is yours!“ Auction number 140226466981 was mine.

So far, so good!

Ducati Scrambler 250  Ducati Scrambler 250

Scrambler was complete and in relatively good condition. The engine had only to be cleaned, adjusted, repacked, grinded in the valves, etc. Paint and chrome were also acceptable, but I decided to tone Ducati Scramler with other content of my garage and I painted it in the shade no. 8125 „Skoda Popular Monte Carlo Red“. As a final bonus, I bought on ebay.it the original open sport exhaust silencer, which has truly monumental sound.

Intermezzo: Biker‘s feuilleton
(Sorry, only in Czech available - a reflexion whether even today have bikers still exchange greetings on the road, or is it just a relic of the old conservatives.)

Ducati Scrambler has 17,5 HP at 7200 rpm from 250 cc. The engine has about 16 mm bigger bore than stroke (74 x 57,8 mm). Unlike bolshevik Jawa it has perfect driveability, performance, reliability etc. Many people might therefore think, considering the bevel shaft, that it is a sports model. Really not! This is an ordinary machine designed for everyday service. Advertising display a forester with a rifle on a hunt or Italian gilded youth enjoying themselves... Talking about pure supersport, we have to move to models of „Mach 1“ or „Mark 3D“ with DESMO. But that brings us to a completely different class.

Ducati Scrambler 250 - Advertisement  Ducati Scrambler 250 - Advertisement

Interestingly, my Ducati Scrambler had a cost of about two Jawa 250. It would also approximately corresponded - the sum of power of two Jawa is equal to one Ducati! Should not Czechs rather occasionally look around abroad, than always narrow-mindedly cling on the overpriced and often „tuned“ Jawa or CZ, about whose qualities can be more than doubt?

Perceptive reader would now be able to say: „Well, it is indeed all good, but what has Cordula to do with it?“ It happened this way: With the bike I got also a folder with copies of all documents relating to its history. Since 1971 it travelled through Italy, where it has changed the owner twice. In the spring of 1983 it was sold to the twenty years old lady with the magic name of Elizabeth Cordula Ilona Richter from Frankfurt. Admit yourself that something so wonderful could not stay undetected. Therefore I christened Ducati Scramler by the name of previous owner.

Ducati Scrambler 250  Ducati Scrambler 250

26th May 2009: I've finally lived to see. A package arrived from Germany with faster sprocket wheels and especially „Ducati Performance“ saddlebags. Sprockets have been proved competent - the engine has not too high revolution, travelling speed slightly increased and the ride is more comfortable. Bags highlighting the already superb design! P. T. reader will certainly agree! If any colleague would like to know where I bought so well, I recommend: Scramblers.de. Friendly prices, serious negotiations, they will get even what is not in the current menu.

On journey with Cordula

The article about Ducati „Singles“ from Motor Journal 10/2009
(Sorry, only in Czech available - But there is nothing in it what is not generally known and commonly available, e. g. on the Internet. The article is just trying to extend „education“ of Czechs and shows the comparison with their false idols)

MJ 10/2009.pdf

My profile on „Bikers.cz“

P. S. for nag: Buying this Ducati Scramler I have certainly not abandon of my principles. Like other „Havet“ (=Vermin)*, I do not consider it an oldtimer! I like it as a feast motorcycle for Sunday's ride, like many other vehicles from those years.

*„Vermin“ is my own expression (which, however, to my delight somewhere undertook), for motorcycles and cars more recent fabrication years, mainly from the communist era. The oldtimers reunions are nowadays flooded and degraded by their presence. The owners are convinced of „exclusivity“ of their rumble-tumbles. Almost aggressively they insist on equality with noble machines about a few decades older. Birds of a feather flock together...